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Welcome to the island where dreams come true!

Zanzibar, also known as Unguja is exotic and mysterious. An archipelago nestled in the Indian Ocean with more than a millennium worth of history.

Have a fresh Coconut on the beach, take a stroll and chat with the people you meet about their daily routines. Discover the island’s nature and uncover the secrets to seaweed farming and local fishing.

Image by Dmitry Limonov


Discover Zanzibar, learn about its’ ancient history and amazing culture. Religious people who have found a way to build up tolerance and live peacefully together. You will be greeted with a warm Karibu – Welcome, as that’s their spirit.

Image by Slim Emcee


Spice Island Hotel & Resort is settled in a very quiet area between the villages of Paje & Jambiani. Nevertheless there are a few opportunities for party people around the villages.

Image by Camilla Frederiksen


Join one of our special tours on the island and deep dive into Zanzibarian culture and nature!

Tours can be arranged in groups or privately in several languages. Our Front Desk will be more than happy to arrange the tour program according to your wishes.

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